Monday, February 3, 2014

Hitting the slopes

This weekend we had high hopes that big talking Syd....who has been telling us she is going skiing with daddy....would get on her own sticks and give it a go.  My mama mind had settled that this was going to happen, so embrace it, and be excited.  So of course, given I had found peace with this, she decides she only wants to watch.  And it isn't the kind of thing that you can just toss them in the pool.  You have to get these uncomfortable and tricky boots on, a big hard helmet, and neither of those things will happen easily if they don't want to do it.  

We also don't want to force it.  But we are determined to get her out there this year.  
While we were there I got to snap a few of the boys in action.  Charley is VERY comfortable at the hill now.  He doesn't wait at the bottom for Ed and Henry.  He gets back in line and the next thing Ed knows....Charley is sitting between two big guys on his way up the hill - waving at him.  

Henry is gaining so much confidence.  If the temperatures would just settle at a normal winter spot...then we could get him into some lessons.   

For now, it will continue to be the boys who hit the slopes in our family.  And they are getting their ski time in this winter.  It makes me happy to see the together, enjoying something so healthy.  

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