Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Tuesday adventure

Today, Henry didn't have school, so that called for a road trip!  We don't have many days when we have a long enough span for many bigger outings.  Even the zoo is hard to do in a wee 2 hours.  So we tend to stick closer to home this year.  And next year, we will have more freedom, but sadly, it will be just me and Syd adventuring during the week.  
So today was a gift.  

A good friend moved to a quaint small town about 40 minutes away.  And so today we had enough time to grab a coffee and hike out her way.  She is living in a house that is over 100 years old and I just LOVED every nook and cranny.  

The colors look vibrant and bright, and the house was SO lovely and cozy and filled with so much love.  Children's artwork hung all over, showing her passion for her little ones and all they create.  

They dove into play dough.  And Laura and I got to catching up ...like no time had passed.  
But this little guy below...well, he was evidence that time had passed.  His eyes were now a brilliant blue and he was not a wee bundle all curled up...but, now a tub of love to be held and found such comfort on his mama's lap.

Miss A had afternoon Kindergarten so an early lunch was enjoyed!  
And then we got to see her off to the bus!  From the cozy of the front windows.
Last time we visited their house they lived in a different city and Henry had to be bribed out of the car.  This time when we visited I had to bribe him to get in the car to go!  He had such a good time! 

Before we left we walked two blocks to the local ice cream parlor and had a treat!  

It was a perfect adventure for our winter day!  
Let's do it again, Laura!  You know you got yourself a keeper of a friend when you don't see or talk for a few too many months and it doesn't matter when you get together.  I appreciate our friendship and miss you during our Friday ECFE class!  

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