Sunday, February 2, 2014

bath time with this little babe

 Bathtime changes with each age and stage.  You begin with sponge bathes until that ugly little belly button mystery falls off.  There are stages and ages where they hate bath time, or maybe they were always a lover of this time of the day. 

Maybe it brings a calm culmination to the end of an exciting, tiresome, overwhelming, or perfect day.  
It warms their little bodies. And gets them ready to read books before bed. 

Or maybe you are cooped up because the weather is SO cold and 
a mid afternoon bath is something to do.  
 Sometimes you might be attentive mama and sit and chat and play games while they enjoy the bubbles.  Ordering bubble ice cream, or cream of bubble soup.  

Othertimes, you might take the opportunity to wipe down the counters and give a quick scrub to the toilet.  Or you bring along a trash bag and go through the 50 bottles of lotion that are 5 years old.  

Whatever the stage...don't forget to pick up your camera. 
Capture it.  Because looking at this post when there were little rolls....warms a mama's heart!  And these are the little things we never want to forget.  

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