Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow day rambles

The weather this week has been pure bliss!  
We got a nice fresh dump of snow on Monday.  Light and fluffy.  The temps were beautiful - like get out there and let the vitamin D shine on your face and change your whole mood.  And then the snow got packy and we could make snowmen.  I think I played in the snow for multiple hours this week with my kids.  So good for the soul.  

Last night we got another big dump.  Over 9 inches I think.  And today, no school.  We will have to make up this day.  But, when it comes to driving in this mess, I am always glad that the schools make the right call.  I just hate that Ed ventures to work on these days.  He said the commute wasn't bad because there were barely any cars on the, yes.  Maybe he should take the hint.  But he is there safe.  And by this evening, hopefully, the roads will be better.  

So today the winds are blowing and it is too cold to go out..but we will for a few. 
But for now, Peter Pan and popcorn are keeping everyone engaged.  

I am so thankful I don't have to go out and fish tale around with my precious cargo in the backseat.  Biggest blessing, so thankful.  And embracing the extra pot of coffee...yep, got my friend's maker going today.  I feel like a new woman.  Amazing how that part of my day really can influence so much of my mindset...not the caffeine or the actual coffee...but, the routine.  It is part of my calm wake up and my enjoyment when Miss Syd is roused by the plows beeping at 5:15.  

So, what are you doing today on this snow day?  
My boys already played 4 board games.  We had scrambled eggs with ham and cheese in them.  Syd has played baby and done a big floor puzzle and Peter Pan is on for now.  And I have had a fun texting conversation with two of my favorite ladies...who I will be dining with this evening!  (Can't wait Kim and Katie!  What are ya all wearing tonight?)  

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