Sunday, January 26, 2014


Miss Syd turned three.  Here are a few fun facts.

She plays mom and makes sure to have her high heel clicky shoes on and her stern look. 
She calls Henry, "Hemway"
She is a puzzle lover...24 piece puzzles of all shapes and sizes.
She is starting to love games (Hullaboloo, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, candy land)
She talks about going skiing with her daddy. 
She loves to put on her ballet slippers and twirl. 
She loves to bake and help in the kitchen. 
She still enjoys her "smooties" aka smoothies too much. 
She likes me to sit in her room as she falls asleep and has no desire to switch to that adorable toddler bed.  
Unfortunately, her favorite cartoon right now is Starwberry Shortcake.
She can rock the app Temple Run 2 better than her brothers. 
She has NO interest in potty training.  
She is a picky eater and will surprise us and gobble something up, but if I buy more or make again she won't touch.  
She is going through a baby talk stage...using this baby voice when she talks MOST of the time. 
She can be very demanding but also the most snuggly little joy in life!  
She is loved by her big brothers and makes her daddy smile and shake his head, a lot. 


The Tompkins Family said...

Happy Birthday Syd!

Anonymous said...

love this post. love her. RR


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