Monday, January 27, 2014

Something to try today with your kids!

 No school again today. 
The reason....It's freezin!

So what do we do when we have had too many days cooped up at home?
We are inspired by other moms who happen to post a pic of their fun entertainment.  Thanks to a Facebook friend who shared a photo of her little girls doing this...we had about 20 minutes of fun last Thursday!  

A blob of play dough on a plate. 
She used a piece of uncooked spaghetti...but we were out. So I used bbq skewers. 
And cheerios!  You could also use fruit loops and take it too another level with patterns!  

All three of my kids thought the thing was hilarious!  

 So if you are cooped up at home another day!  Hopefully, this little share helps you like it did me!  

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Anonymous said...

totally doing this wednesday morning. keep the ideas comin! RR


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