Thursday, January 23, 2014 far!

Our girl suddenly started talking about her birthday PARTY in the last couple days.  I kind of was in a panic because we don't really do birthday parties until they are in kindergarten.  Grandma was coming and my plan was to take her to the Children's museum for the day.  But then school was cancelled and everyone was home.  And she kept talking about moving furniture for the races.  So after lunch we moved the furniture and had races.  Instead, of balancing Lego blocks on a spoon and racing across the living room...we placed princess figurines on the spoons and raced.  

 She opened some presents before daddy left for work.  She got a picnic basket full of picnic foods (Thanks, Aunt Pat).  She has been playing picnic with her Grandma Charlie, all. day. long.  
Her brothers gave her a bey blade.
She got a pink ski helmet, that is gorgeous.  And ski goggles.  So she is set.  The only thing keeping her off the slopes now are these ridiculous temperatures.  
And has a few more presents to open this evening.

Pancakes with whipped cream and sausage was her three year old breakfast!
And later we will devour some cupcakes she has been eyeing up at Target for the last week or two.  Dinner is still up in the air...but, must likely mama's alfredo.  

Mid afternoon the doorbell rang and standing there was the florist delivering Sydney's first vase of flowers.  They were from her Grandpa Bob.  Sooooo special. 

This girl entered our world three years ago and surprised us when the doc said, "It's a girl!"  She continues to surprise us with her spunky ideas and attitudes.  Love this girl - her cuddles, her independence, her style, and the joy she finds in the little things each day.  

Happy Birthday, Syd.  

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shellycoulter said...

For some reason this post made me choke up a little! Haha! Especially the flowers. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!


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