Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Northwoods at Christmas

A little over a week ago we trekked our way to the winter wonderland of the Northwoods. 
Where we embraced the snowy winter wonderland that has taken the area by storm.  The city across the bay got like 31 inches in one day's time recently.  The banks of snow were incredible and playing in the snow, which we did, was a lot of work.  As the snow ranged from knee to waste deep in places.  

But once again, the cozy Christmas that Grandma Charlie always hosts was perfect. 

Two babies to hold.  And hold we all did.  

Moments snuggling Grace and her rolls and Greyson and his tiny were scooped up by anyone with free arms.  

And come bedtime when Ed and I got our crew down...we realized we had come out the other end of the early year parenting gig.  We were able to sit back and watch the fussy babies during the bedtime hour while their tired parents rocked, changed, fed, and bathed them.  Ed and I looked at each other and sighed.  

Grandpa Ed found himself in a relaxed spot one moment and I plunked Mr. Greyson down for a little nap on his  heart.  I think they both enjoyed the moment, as did all of the rest of us.  

The time always goes way too fast.  The food is always way too good.  The sweets much too plentiful.  The cousin time much too busy.  The baby holding gave me a baby fix.  And as we pull out and wave goodbye we all wish we could stay just a little bit longer.  

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