Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 things we are giving a go today...

When it is too cold to go out. 
When you are cooped up at home for two days straight...
What better time than to try and potty train your almost 3 year old.  

But she wants nothing to do with it.
Yesterday there were no more diapers and she played along until bedtime when we found one (of course!)
Today when she got up there was tantrum.  
I don't want to force it.  

How do you convince a little gal that it is time?

I have tried candy, chocolate, ballet class, swimming lessons, big girl bed....
I've said other kids that go on the big girl potty. 
We have a doll potty. 
We have read books.  

Need ideas! 


I also did it!  I started a Facebook page for For the Love of Naps!
SO PLEASE PLEASE GO there and hit that like button so there are more than 5 people!  PLEASE!


Jessica said...

I love reading about your Syd because Abby was so much like her. No more naps at 2 years old, always spunky and sassy. Makes me smile and nod my head in validation of your struggles. Abby could not be bribed. She was interested for a day and then she wasn't. Finally spent a whole day in the kitchen with her in her underwear and trained her like a dog. I hate potty training. Good luck. JG (RR's friend)

Roz said...

I feel your frustration! Kids can be so extreme when it comes to potty training. I would wait. If she senses that it's a big deal to you....she may fight it even more. Give it 6 more weeks. In the grand scheme of things...it won't be the end of the world. I would leave the underwear out where she can see them and begin doing all diapering in the bathroom. That way she'll start associating going potty with that room. Just some ideas?? Perhaps there is an auntie or Grandma she can spend a day with who can initiate some trials on the potty? Coming from the perspective of a mom/child care provider...kids can be so stinkin' hard on their momma. I have kids who potty train like an ace for me and then won't even look at the toilet at home when their parents ask them to go! LOL Hang in there. This too shall pass and when it does...Hallelujah! Have you tried boxing up the diapers and mailing them to a (pretend) "new baby"? (I've never done that, but heard of parents doing that...)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

What about just having potty time before bath. Have some books. Or just sometime during the day. Potty training is hard. If she isn't having it give it more time. I found it easier to catch mine when they had to go number 2 and then I would plop them on the potty.
The pressure right, to get them trained. And then when you look back you can't remember much of the details:). Hang in there.


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