Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold day experiment!

It is sooooo cold here today.
So cold that on Friday, last week, the MN Governor called off school for today.
So all three small tribe members are underfoot today.

We are all in pjs.
We have overdosed on morning cartoons.
Played bey blades, lego stuff, dolls, play dough, cleaned Syd's room, and more.

I have the coffee pot keeping the coffee hot.
I may not sleep tonight.

And then we tried this.
I boiled a pan of water.  The kids watched from the window in the family room.  Charley recorded the moment.
I tossed the water and look what happened!
Very cool!

 What are you doing today.
Hoping to post again later!


Raina and Andy said...

I worked and pouted that only 1 patient cancelled. Boooo. But came home to a yummy dinner made by my mother in law! Rr

Stepping On Cheerios said...

I saw this! Have you tried th bubbles yet?


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