Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finally, Henry turns 6!

Oops, all these pics I accidentally watermarked and I am finally ready to blog so sorry.  Didn't mean to have them look all fancy.  But it is annoying to go back and fix...And if I do this post will never happen.  

And there he is.  Henry.  He is six now!  And tomorrow he will be the big brother to a sister who is 3. She is expecting a party like he had.  Where we had friends and moved we could run relay races.  

Spoon relay carrying a lego.
Lego pick up using tongs.
Break the balloon to get the lego out.
Guess how many legos.
Hot bag to get the goody bag treat to take home.
Lego tower building challenge
free time to build
And we got out our new favorite game Hullabaloo.

I wasn't sure how he would do with his party.  In the past he has proven quiet and shy.  But in that first picture you can see 10 minutes into the party he was jumping and cheering for his team!

Teams swapped up each round.  I put three red legos and three blue legos in a brown lunch bag.  They pulled out a lego and that identified their team.  

We had pizza, Grandma Barb's famous finger jello, and apple slices!  
And we attempted to make the juice boxes into lego blocks.

The kids came from all chapters of Henry's life.  And I loved that a few minutes into the party and you wouldn't even know that they didn't all know each other.  

Charley had make up ski practice and so dad took Charley.  I had the neighbor girl come over and help with the party.  So much help!  It was a hard decision to opt for Charley to miss the party, but for Henry's personality...he often let's Charley guide him and this allowed Henry to be himself, completely.  And he focused on his friends. 

He is still Henry and didn't want us to sing...and when we all tried to insist and was still very obvious it was best to stop and how kind his little friends just softly turned their volume down until it was just laughter and chatter and Henry blowing out his candles.  

Henry is my kid that just gets sooooo excited for holidays and birthdays.  He remembers the details of the past.  He wants to decorate and relish in the excitement.  And I love that about him.  

Henry you are so loved.  

Today you are at school for a special ALL day kindergarten experience because you had a field trip.  And you were so excited to bring your lunch.  And here Syd and I sit...kind of lost.  It is the reality that next year brings.  You will go off to first grade and hop out of the car with your big brother next September!  And you are ready!  But I don't think Syd and I are.  

Happy Birthday, Henry. 


Anonymous said...

wow! add party planner to your resume. Sounds awesome. I bet Henry couldn't sleep after all that. So special sarah. Have had so much fun to watch that lil Henry grow right up. RR

shellycoulter said...

Happy Birthday, Henry! :) And I love that little Syd is too busy reading a book to look at the camera! :)

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