Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wednesday wonderings...

Henry slept until 7:50 this morning.  Might be because he played in the snow before school, after school, and before bed in the dark! 

We still don't have a Christmas tree.  I will not let the no pumpkin carved 2013 Halloween become a theme in 2013.  We will rock the tree thing very soon. 

Holiday music makes me happy. 

We got a nice dumping of snow yesterday and now it feels like Christmas.  Our computer desk faces out to our front yard....or rather our neighbor's beautiful front yard.  And they have bird feeders that draw the brightest cardinals, bluest bluejays, and other busy birds.  With all the white...the bird colors  pop!  Love it!  

This morning we have a spur of the moment dentist appointment for the boys.  Syd will go in another week or so.  I am PRAYING that both boys go for it and take it in stride.  Charley always has.  Henry on the other hand kind of "freaks out."  Syd will get a practice run and get a ride in the chair.  I am hoping she takes after her biggest brother.  

Caught up on Parenthood recently and now can't wait for Thursday nights again.  

I have succeeded in making the laundry pile on the couch far less heaping.  Today I am vowing to get some put away!  Anyone want to hold me accountable?

People seem to really like my pictures when I post them on my Facebook photography page.  But then I wonder often if they are just saying that.  I feel like  a fraud most moments of the day.  The roller coaster of confidence is a hard ride to be on.  

Henry came home yesterday talking about a snack he had at school that was white bread, yellow butter, and sprinkles.  Any butter would work.  He said it is served at birthday parties on the big island.  I worked out that the island was Australia...and after denying him the opportunity to make it at home until I emailed his teacher to clarify, because the whole thing sounded weird, he remembered they called it Fairy bread.  Sure enough, I googled it.  Fairy Bread!  

Have you started holiday shopping?  I have not.  I sat down to start last night, sipping a glass of wine.  And got nothing accomplished.  Maybe the snow will get me in the spirit.  Maybe I need to wander the mall aimlessly for an hour and realize that home on the couch with Santa Amazon is the best way to get it all done.  Seriously, it is going to come so fast.  

I took a look at my blog hits and it is my own fault.  All that hard work of building up a following and a community of people that emailed and commented and interacted in this space has really diminished.  I haven't been consistent.  And I am so down about it.  Is anyone out there?  If I started blogging consistently again will I be able to build it up again.  It is more fun here when there is connection with others.  It is a busy time of year for everyone.  I haven't had time to read many of my favorite blogs.  I miss it.  But many have stopped blogging too.   I am going to try this week to be consistent.  Give a shout out or email hello if you are around and still there.  I have stopped blogging our daily little recipes, projects, shenanigans and I can start there.  I am going to focus again on blogging for my kiddos and see if that makes it more simple.  We'll see....

Meanwhile, it is time to brush our teeth and get to the dentist.  Wish me luck!  
Starbucks latte for the mama who accomplishes this task!


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I remember the fairy bread with Hayden and making it just by following his direction.
I love the pics of snow captured and Henry. You can show me. Cause I never seem to remember what I read.
I hope the dentist went off without a hitch. It didn't last time I was there with my daughter.
Time to bake and get out the stockings.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I read it all the time. I too will get a coffee when the laundry is done. Please don't stop.

Stacey said...

I read every post, but am horrible about commenting. No snow in southern Iowa yet, but we have frigid temps and I have a van that doesn't want to start this morning...

Anonymous said...

Yes start with the little things. Keep it going.we are all invested in your talent and daily shinanigans, rr

Anonymous said...

I am still out there too checking your blog daily - love it! keep it up and the photography is AWESOME - really!!! Jamie Trampe


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