Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Okay, if you stopped by earlier and didn't listen to this it now.  It is so pretty!  I just love it!

Today we got our first snow dump.  Driving was awful.  It always is when the first few snows hit.  But today, just sounds like it may have gone down as a very bad day for MN roads.  Drive slow.  Drive safe.  Use your lights.  Brush off your car.  Don't rush.  Nothing is worth it.  REALLY.

On a happier note...I have been anxious to try shooting in the snow this season.  Since learning more and taking the photography leap, I just wanted to get out there in the snow and prove that this time of the year can be just as fun of a time to take your camera out doors.  So this afternoon, I snapped a few moments and captured Henry and Syd out in the snow.

Time to shake off the sad photographer blues ...thinking the seasons is over.  
I think the season has just begun!  Bundle up!  Let's go!

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The Tompkins Family said...

Love this song! Miss you, friend!


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