Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving happened.

This song above came on my holiday Pandora channel today.  I LOVE this version.  And there is the mention of I guess it is festive.  

We had a really nice Thanksgiving holiday.  It was just what I needed.  
I hadn't traveled solo with my small tribe for ages.  I got scared I think.  Syd was hard and summer was busy.  So I didn't make the effort that I am often known for, haha.  But we have turned another corner...the corner where everyone is content with some screen, some song, some food, some staring out the window.  
The kids didn't have school on Wednesday and when Ed said he wanted to return on Sunday for ski practice and was willing to take two cars so I could stay a little longer...I decided...why not leave early and stay later and really relax at my mom and dads.  We just don't get there as much as I would like.  I said to Ed at least twice, I could move here.  I just love their small quaint town.  

Daddy arrived and Thanksgiving day was spent watching the Packers, eating pizza, and enjoying the day at Grandmas.  On Friday we woke early and hit the road, AGAIN! 

We typically squeeze in both sides of the family for Thanksgiving and this year we did, just differently.  We had a new nephew come into this world a near 3 weeks ago.  They live down in IL and this was going be an ideal way to get down there for a quick visit to meet the little guy and give big sister Morgan a little fun visit.  It is always fun to see them and so special to see them in Chicago.  So on Friday we visited little Greyson and Morgan and Aunt Becca and Uncle Mike.   

 Back to Grandma Barbs Friday night to wolf down some reheated rice meatballs and run wild for one hour with my sister's boys!  Man, were they excited to see each other.  Henry was chomping at the bit to see Eli and that is so special to my sister and I.  They ran their last bits of energy and then hit the pillow.  

In the morning we had our Thanksgiving.  The kids again, had enough energy for everyone.  Penny Poker, bloody mary cocktails, gathering to chat in the kitchen where the cook is trying to do her business.  

Stolen moments with Aunt Raina and her iPad.  If you don't know about the iPad app Nighty Night....and you have a toddler/ is adorable.  

 I know I post a lot of black and white pictures.  But for some reason...candids just seem more real in black and white.

Grandpa Bob pulled an antique erector set out of the depths of his basement and it worked!  

Hugh and Syd took a bubble bath.

And the real reality of this day in age...when the energy is too much for the house/adults to handle...the screens come out and all the parents sigh and think...awww, how cute!  

And I have very few pics of this handsome 9 year old.  He is growing up.  And he played penny poker and WON a lot of pennies, all on his own.  

More Thanksgiving moments to come.  Just wanted to let you all know that we are back home, being snowed upon, and trying to breathe and not feel stressed about the next holiday that is fast approaching.  Today, we are awaiting daddy's safe arrival after he had to drive off into the sunset on Tuesday to South Dakota for work.  Quick trip, but not ideal travel conditions today.  

How was your holiday!?  Share a favorite moment!  


Anonymous said...

Loved this blog (of course)! Favorite moments were many...Charley playing poker with us, Henry decorating our Christmas tree, Hugh loving the neighbor's Christmas lights and trying to tell us in his own little language, Syd being so busy at times and loving Grandma's first two meals, Eli smiling huge just being with his cousins, Andy and Ed helping out so much, seeing the movie FROZEN, Raina standing "over me" in the kitchen to help, Sarah taking time to do a photo session, at the end Bob saying "let's just order from Skip's". Ahhhhh, Grandma Barb

Raina and Andy said...

You probably don't even know how much these moments you captured of our thanksgiving together means. It's all chaos and crazy and then you see the pictures and you notice everyone smiling and that's all you need to see. Thanks for sharing all of these. We have a beautiful drama free family. Rr


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