Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello, Monday!

This video is sharing a day in the life of three moms.  It is short, and very sweet.

Our day.

Instead of meeting a friend at the gym at 5am, I attempted to get Syd back to sleep after her diaper didn't hold her nightly fluid output...and I conquered this task.  She fell back asleep, somewhat of a HUGE accomplishment for this mama. 

I broke down recently and bought a huge Costco sized box of frozen waffles.  Usually, we make homemade ones.  Oh. MY. GOSH.  I am loving the ease of these toaster treats.  We won't do it again for a while, but man alive, what a treat to pop those suckers in the toaster and then onto their plates.  Helps me stay "on" with the dishwasher cycle.  

Instead of the heading to the gym later in the morning we met a friend for a donut.

Ed noticed a little shake in "my car" recently after an oil change and tire rotation.  
So before holiday travel I got it in.  The guy asked what was going on and I said my husband, who only really drives my car on the weekends noticed a shake blah blah blah.  He asked if I noticed.  I looked down at Syd who was twirling and Henry who was hopping and looking about...and said, "No, I tried to notice but, my drive time is usually very busy - music, 2-5 kids in the car, whining, treats, arguing, etc."  Thinking it would be a quick check, I only packed our lunch and off we went.    At an hour and a half I asked how it was going and he said they were not seeing anything and all they had left was the tire balance test.  Did I want to skip it since I was getting close to picking up Charley.  I said, "NO!  Because that is what my husband thought the problem was."  I am so glad we didn't skip it.  Geez.   2 hours, two small cans of pringles from the vending machine, and a Dr. Pepper for mama later...we left knowing unbalanced tires probably caused the shake that Ed noticed, and I didn't.  

The number of people at the car dealership carrying in massive Super Sized fast food pops had me drooling an hour in and I broke down and bought the pop at 1 1/2 hours.  

We got home for 20 minutes of breathing time and then had to pile back in the now balanced car to get Charley.  Syd was not happy.  But off we went.  

Today was supposed to be about prepping for holiday travel.  Laundry, packing, getting things under control.  THAT didn't happen.  But onward.  I am going to see if Ed can bring home dinner so that for the next hour or two I can focus on these little people, the laundry, some packing, and pouring a cold brew.  Because, man, two hours at a car dealership without a bag of tricks is exhausting!  The energy in just hoping the kids stay happy, content, and quiet, is huge.  

I hope your week is off to a good start.  I may not be feeling super balanced today...but at least I know my tires are, now!   

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Raina and Andy said...

That video was amazing.

Bravo mama who sat in car shop for 2 hrs! I am not that strong, rr


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