Monday, December 16, 2013

rolling pins cookies to show for it.

Squeezing in traditions...cut out cookies with Grandma Dort and Grandma Penny's rolling pins. 
Unfortunately the cutout cookies flopped.  So back to the baking board.  The Hersey kiss cookies have all been eaten or we are still at no cookies here...and we are to bring them to both family gatherings.  Ahhhh!  

Today, the flakes are falling.  My morning started early at the gym walking and talking with a friend.
Getting the kids off to school and running some holiday errands.  Then home to get stuff done.  
It is going to be a busy and fast week.  The more organized I am the less stress.  Right?   

My little elf for the day!  

I work out or blog good for a week and then fail for a week.  It is a roller coaster here.  Thanks for riding!  

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