Monday, December 16, 2013

You don't know what it's like...

My brother, who hasn't had his life changed by his own rugrat...yet, sent me this to watch.
But I know that he shows up at the holidays with his four legged rugrat and my three and my sisters two run circles, shoot loud laser guns, squeal, jump, beg, whine, cry, scream, demand, laugh, giggle, and bring out their crazy.  And worse, the parents threaten, bribe, laugh, whine, yell, warn, warn, warn, and then it is quiet.  And the kids are tucked in...and it is finally time to pour a glass of wine...and us parents are pooped.  And my brother often admits to being exhausted just being around our kids.  I love that my brother takes moments to share thoughtful videos, articles, books, with me.  I also love that he validates, acknowledges the hard, and tries to enjoy our chaos.

Looking forward to a fulfilled weekend ahead!


Anonymous said...

why did i cry when i watched this? i laughed and stopped and cried. HA! they hit it on the nose i think. RR

gschneider said...

I always go into holidays with such high hopes for all kinds of energetic interaction and fun -- gonna be the great guns Uncle this year! But then it's so exhausting! Maybe the new sleeping arrangements will change things. Either way, can't wait to see all these little people in their Christmas Glory! Even if that also means tantrums and fits and sudden bursts of tears.


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