Sunday, December 15, 2013

Below Zero...but this is still happening

This is happening today.  Even though it is SO SO COLD!
Charley's first ski race of the year.  This year he is on the ski team!

Henry tagged along to cheer on his brother...and he is chomping at the bit to get a few runs in too.  But it was SO cold.  So he came home with me.  We got to see Charley do one race today...out of four.  

This proud papa is watching his little skier move about the hill, oh so independently.  

I didn't cry today.  I think it was the first time I have been at the ski hill and I haven't almost had a panic attack or emotional breakdown.  And I know this sounds ridiculous to anyone who was a skier. But I am not.  And so to see my little people flying down the hill, with so much going on around them, that I don't think they are aware of...because rarely are they aware if they changed their underwear or brushed their teeth, a mama can be a wee bit anxious.  Two weeks ago, when I had to take him to practice I called my mom crying and my poor dad answered the call where I was a blubbering idiot.  But it was SO cold and all the coaches were wearing the same jackets and had face masks on and I didn't understand how in the world they could identify Charley and how Charley could identify them.  

But then I watched and his team came down the hill and they cheered for each other and the coach leaned right in and Charley excitedly explained what he experienced going down the hill.  

I am starting to embrace it.  I mean geez, what other kid activity does a parent get to chauffeur their kid to and then sit in a warm chalet bar and have a beer....(I didn't have a beer, but many were!).  

And can I say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures.  And I am sad that my fall photo shoot season has come to a close and I told myself nothing more until after the new year.  So I am enjoying capturing my family again.  But I am loving it so much.  SO SO much!

It sure is fun that I am snapping pictures, which I love, while my boys hit the ski hill, which they love.  And Miss Syd...don't worry.  There are plans that she is going to hit the slopes this year.  I am just praying I can get daddy to hold off til she is actually 3.  Because seriously, she already tells the boys that they can eat dinner and she will go ski with daddy.  I guess she wasn't impressed with the dinner in the chalet bar, peering out the window looking for her big brother skiing.  She is ready to zip and zoom.  But, I am not ready for her little petite self to do it.  This mothering gig sure does push our hearts to the limit!

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