Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's get ready to ramble!

Let's get ready to ramble!

It is Wednesday, and once again too many days have passed without a blog.  
But I am finally feeling a little more like my focus and priorities are getting back to where my boat is floating more peacefully...instead of waves splashing over the side or a small hole slowly letting water in and gradually causing me to sink.  

Photography stuff will slow down now.  

I made it to the gym last Friday morning, Monday morning, Tuesday morning.  Today I failed because Syd was up in the middle of the night and therefore I was too.  And sleep won out.  But I get it.  Getting out of my warm cozy bed, when it is so cold, when everyone is still sleeping, really does great things for my mood.  I am such a happier and more patient mom after making that a priority.  My sister has been trying to tell me this and I just hadn't let it sink in.  But I get it now.  So tomorrow I will be there again.  Plus, passing a dear friend there and getting a little chat time is completely worth it.  

I have a few little carpool swaps going for both Henry and Charley's school drop off and pick up.  It has gotten so hard with Syd to convince her three times a day to get bundled properly to go get them.   On top of any other outings that require us to go places.  By not doing one pick up for Henry I save myself so much headache and an hour!  I really hope that the other mom enjoys it too.  Come winter I just know driving all these runs in the snow will get old fast...since, it is already old.  

Syd and I spent some time this morning stocking our fridge and cupboards with the necessary items.  Main item, boy's toothpaste.  They are picky.  This task was completed.  

At Costco there is a guy that checks our receipt as we leave.  There are actually two guys.  Both are super friendly and nice.  They draw a fancy smiley face or a snowman for the kids and they all argue who gets to hold it.  One of the gentlemen uses a silly voice with the kids.  When he talks to Syd he talks in a REALLY REALLY high pitched voice and when turns to the boys he lowers it way down.  Today he wasn't there and it kinda made me sad.  He cracks me up.  I made a comment to the guy that was there and he did attempt to talk to Syd in the high voice.  Not the same.  I do remember the first time the guy used those silly voices...I was somewhat confused and didn't know if his voice was really like that or what.  But now I know, he just really enjoys making his job fun.  

This weekend we will deck the halls over here a bit.  If I feel like the house is picked up and decluttered.  Some of our neighbors have their holiday lights on and the kids are pretty excited.  

Listening to the boys play Minecraft on their iPod/iphone etc. is hilarious.  Ed and I can't stop laughing when we hear them discussing all their plans and stuff.  I wish I understood the game more. I try so hard to sound excited and interested when they come tell me things, but I think they know I don't get it.  

Charley wrote out all his thank you notes for his birthday.  But here they sit.  I grew up with a mom that was SO good about things like this.  If you are gifted to be part of her life you know how incredible she is with sending old fashioned mail that makes your day when you get a random surprise in your box.  I don't know why this didn't transfer over to me.  I actually do great at getting the mail all ready to send...but then it just sits here without a stamp or a stop at the post office.   

Ed and I went downtown last weekend for a friend's birthday party.  It is always so fun to go downtown.  This time it was Minneapolis.  The city is such a pretty place at night.  It isn't even that far from our house, but yet it seems so daunting and so we rarely make plans there.  If we moved from here right now I would completely regret not having soaked up the Twin Cities more.  But it is our season, and to pay a babysitter for the drive time  can sometimes dampers the idea too.  

It's that time of the year when slippers are a must, coffee in the afternoon is a treat, and you can no longer run out to the mailbox in just socks and no jacket.   Brrrr, winter is about to land smack dab in our neck of the woods and in so many ways I am not ready.  But I know the boys in our house are so excited for the ski hill to open, and stay open.  I know Syd will take in the snow like the first time again this year.  This age the seasons and holidays are starting to be remembered but, are still kind of new and exciting.  

It's time to make lunch so it is hot and ready for my hungry kindergartener.  
Another reason I love carpooling!  

What's going on there!?


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I hear you about the babysitter, paying them is hard sometimes to want to do to go out but it is good for the soul to get away.

Have you heard the 12 days of Minecraft song? Google it for them they will appreciate it. If you have an xbox Hayden likes playing minecraft on that versus the computer or ipod. Yes I know a bit about minecraft, only because he loves it, so I do.

MOMOF2 said...

His name is Bert...the kids look for him everytime at Costco and are bummed if he isn't there!!


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