Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Mama's Tower

 It's a balancing act these days. 
Laundry, meals, grocery shopping, volunteering, hanging out with friends, homework, yard work, picking up the house, blogging, photography, tv shows, candy crush, calling family, emailing friends, checking Facebook, watching other kids, driving kids to and from, coordinating carpools, scheduling appointments, talking to your husband and not just passing like two ships at sea, working out, eating right, getting dressed in more than yoga pants, offering nutritious snacks, wiping down the bathroom sink (karma Grandma Barb - I'm living it).  Getting your kid to write thank you notes, sending said thank you notes, finishing up gift lists for the upcoming holiday shopping, getting the car washed, raking leaves, doing more than picking up, reading to your child, having your child read to you, making sure your child reads independently, math facts, toilets, organizing winter gear and swapping out the summer stuff.  

The list goes on.

But when you are spending your days with little people who live in the moment and don't feel like they need to brush their teeth, put away laundry, pick up their dirty pjs from where they dropped them to get dressed.  These little people don't worry about laundry piles, clean toilets, raked up leaves, or scheduled appointments.  They remind you to slowly build your tower each day with those things that you can mange.  Those things that are important, those things that help your family keep rolling along.  And if you can balance more one day and less another...Well hip hip yahoo!  

I do notice when I start to make my tower climb too high it starts to wobble and then I realize I am snapping at my family, crying over things that aren't worth tears, I get paranoid over things that are not even things worth having anxiety over.  

So it is important for these little people to remind us.  And they do that with their smiles.

Today as Charley got out of the car I shared with him that our local ski hill opened!  And this weekend his dad really hopes to get him out there.  I watched him walk away this morning with the biggest grin.  A happy face.  Man, I wish I could give him news that made him walk away with that smile EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

 They remind us with tantrums and outbursts.  They remind us with tired eyes and unrealistic wants and desires.  When they start to become rascals...I am reminded to look at my tower...and take a few things off my to do list and go out and push Sydney in the swing.  Bake something with them.  Draw with chalk, do a puzzle, color WITH them, or just stop and give them a hug!  

I told my sister I would blog today.  I had planned to blog everyday this week.  The comments/emails on the last post were amazing.  This place always makes me a better mom, a happier woman, and a more inspired person.  So thank you for taking a moment to write a thought.  

Sydney took a moment, while pooping, to draw this.  I say that because if you came over and made a comment about this picture she would more than likely tell you she pooped while she drew this.  She is 2.  Everything is funny when the word poopy is involved.  And the boys try to teach her that it isn't funny...but, well, they are boys.  

The days are darker earlier.  Making them seem shorter.  It is so easy to build our towers too high.  
Remind yourself as we head into the season of overload...overload with food, overload with shopping, overload with holiday celebrations...remind yourself....the taller your tower...the more likely things will start to topple and you will most likely stop enjoying the view from the top of that tower.  

What did you include in your tower today? 
Share a frivolous thing and something you tackled! 

This blog is brought to you and sponsored from a bucket full of markers, a roll of painters tape (my kids favorite thing EVER!), and paper!  They are all three working on things at the kitchen table!  
Time to figure out dinner...since it is time to eat!  


Anonymous said...

Frivolous: social event at the Audi dealer, with cocktails, delicious appetizers and every Audi with its crazy awesome headlights and tail lights ON!
Accomplished: Touring Buffalo Wild Wings and realizing we can say "been there done that."

Raina and Andy said...

Frivolous: I played tag with the boys and literally jumped in the leaves.
Accomplished: cleaned the upstairs bathroom!

Great post. So much guilt for me always. So hard to let go and just hang with those kiddos and they love it so much. Keep blogging....please!

Jessica said...

I love this paragraph "I do notice when I start to make my tower climb too high it starts to wobble and then I realize I am snapping at my family, crying over things that aren't worth tears, I get paranoid over things that are not even things worth having anxiety over." So true to me. Especially the crying part.

Frivolous: Played hide and seek with lots of yelling and giggles.
Accomplished: Bought the 2 light bulbs for ceiling fan that have been burnt out for 2 months making it like a dim Italian restaurant in my home - with coupons - for 24 cents!


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