Saturday, November 23, 2013

Links I Love on a Quiet Saturday morning

I took a few weeks off from reading blogs and felt it.  I felt a positive and negative impact from this break.  I missed out on feeling up to date with friends, I felt uninspired in some areas of my life (cooking, parenting, breathing).  But I also felt a little more focused on our family and wasn't distracted by how other people are living, doing, loving, parenting, etc.  I am slowly catching up on some of my favorite places.  Here are a few posts that made me think, pause, question, pause, and remember that this is a place I like to come because it offers quick bursts of inspiration.  I don't feel failure like when a book sits unopened for multiple days.

Finding Joy's:  The mom confession ....  love when my favorite blogs keep it real, because then I feel my real is real and okay!

Girl's Gone Child:  talking to Strangers....found I had many emotions during this entire post.

Little Girls, Get up!  Get up and Momastery.....Our kids just want us to be happy...a great reminder.


It is Saturday and we have a low key day ahead.  Maybe we will spend too long in our pjs.  Kicking off the morning with a little movie on Netflix for the kids and an extra cup of coffee for mom.  We will venture to the depths of our basement and bring up the dusty holiday boxes so we can start decking the halls.  It is going to come fast!  Charley has a fun birthday party to attend and the rest of us will go do something fun, too.  Henry needs a bath, he seems to elude this part of the week all too often.  Sydney will change her clothing at least 6 times.  Laundry will cycle through and continue to mound the couch in hopes of being folded.  I will hopefully text my sister throughout the day for bursts of inspiration and encouragement and news about what is happening in her neck of the woods. And I will savor the weekend before the kick off to the holiday season!   Excited.

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