Thursday, October 24, 2013

The "My Sister or Brother is having a birthday and I can't handle it" sydrome

This week we have a birthday, quickly approaching.  Charley is turning 9 on Friday.  With a birthday comes all the excitement and anticipation...and the syndrome described best as "My sister or brother is having a birthday and I can't handle it".  This syndrome happens to the other siblings in the house and it isn't all bad or all good.

If you have a birthday child in the might see this syndrome happen to the other children in the house.  Here are some of the symptoms or behaviors you may witness...

The "My Sister or Brother is Having a Birthday and I can't handle it syndrome" just means that at moments little sib will have so much anticipation and excitement that they can't contain it.  This will explain mood swings that are both positive and negative.

It means this sibling will want to go shopping at Target for a birthday present for his/her big brother multiple times during the week and often has no concept of what his/her budget is.  This will make you so proud they are acting in such a giving way...but, also annoy you because there is typically a tantrum when you tell them no.  Or  when you actually go to a toy store they focus only on what they actually want.

 It means most conversations revolve around the upcoming festivities...even though it isn't their day to plan.

It means they sometimes slip and say, "On my birthday."

They beg for their birthday sibling to open presents daily.

It means they are racing to the mailbox just as fast as the actual birthday child.

It means they begin to plan their own birthday party and gift list.

It means there are moments when they realize their birthday is so far away and they burst into tears at random times of the day...and as the mama you know it is because of the birthday excitement.

It means that even if the birthday celebrating child is at school for 6.5 hours of the day...I am still reminded how many days, hours, minutes...until the actual birthday...ALL. DAY. LONG.

Oh, the excitement is building here for the clock to strike midnight.  And I guess I am thankful for all their excitement because frankly, looking back at the day I became a mama, because it is our first born child's birthday this week, is quite emotional.  There are not many other experiences that are as life changing as holding your first child and realizing they are dependent upon you.  And when they turn realize how fast time is flying and how the parenting challenges for a 9 year old are just as overwhelming, just in different ways, as those first few days when you were scared to leave the hospital.

Tomorrow will be a fantastic day for the soon to be 9 year old in our house.
And this mama will be snapping and capturing and ready to share his birthday adventures that lie ahead of him this coming weekend.  It isn't a friend birthday weekend...but, we worked in a little compromise that involves a friend :)

Today is Thursday and we have lots on our agenda (as my mom calls it) for the day.

And this overcast MN time of year needs to move on and let in a little sunshine!


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Grandma Charlie said...

HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY, CHARLEY! This morning I was thinking about 9 years ago when I held you for the first time; what a joy!


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