Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween is right around the corner

This past weekend we kicked off the Halloween festivities early with an old time trick or treat at a local historical park.  We did it a year or two ago..I think I was pregnant with Sydney.  (Lynelle?)
This year we had Harry Potter and his wand by our side.  Grandma Charlie made an amazing Harry Potter cape.  We also had this cutie peacock waddle back into our lives again.  Another Grandma Charlie original.  I think it was this age that Henry did the bee two years in a row.  Love to get plenty of wear and tear out of these amazing Sydney is doing the peacock thing again this year....although she thinks  she is beautiful butterfly.   
Henry is a Power Ranger...some fancy one..not the classic primary color Power Ranger...

We were joined on this cold evening by some favorite friends.  

And I may have brought a thermos filled with hot cider and a little mama syrup to make the cold evening walk a little more festive for us parents.

Sometimes these types of outings sound like so much work, but once you are there and you see your kiddos running out in the fresh crisp fall air....  And everyone is happy and together, you are reminded that stealing away these moments are what is so important.  

What early Halloween festivities are you enjoying?


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

A pumpkin farm was the destination this past weekend.

Love Fall, but I feel like it just keeps sneaking up on me and I keep wanting to pull the covers back over my head and ignore it.

Anonymous said...

So glad you blogged today. Finally sitting down and was so glad to see a post! Andy went owlish first field trip to a petting zoo and they brought home pumpkins. But we've been reading Halloween books for weeks! We have trick or treat this weekend! Your costumes great. Don't give away your boys costumes....Eli would probably love and your right....those deserve a few years of gentle wear! Rr


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