Tuesday, September 17, 2013

weeeooooooo! weeeeeeooooo!

Last week we gals grabbed mama a cup of joe and headed over to our local fire station.  
Weird to do stuff like this with just one again.  
Kinda full circle...as my time at home began when Charley was about this age.  

It is different going places with others with only one to keep an eye on...and others sometimes have two or three. 
And my gal loves the princess dresses, clicky shoes, baby dolls, purses, and trips to Target.    
she also can build a ship with lego blocks, make a mean machine gun sound with her lips, announce her toots like she owns them, touches "snakes" aka inch worms, and swings a sword with power. 

And like most littles...she is intrigued by the sound of sirens and the big red fire trucks. 
So when our local mom's club tours the station - we join in ...for a little bit  

This girl is definitely girl, but can keep up with her brothers like no other.  
And they love that, I love that, and dad loves that.
She marches to her own beat...in outfits and shoes that she demands to wear.  

My girl, you may channel a princess from time to time - but I don't doubt you would drive your own fire truck to rescue yourself from the tower.  You are strong.  You are beautiful.  You are Sydney.  

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Raina and Andy said...

Funny but I still can't believe you have a girl. Rr


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