Thursday, September 19, 2013


this girl demands marshmallows during the 6am hour. 
I say no. 
And she doesn't go quietly. 
But I stand firm. 
And that is hard. 

Being the mom and making the healthy choice and living with the tantrum that follows,  is HARD.  

this boy is in third grade and has more homework this year.  
It isn't hard, but it takes more time. 
He is tired from his full day of school - I get that.
He doesn't do his homework quietly.  
Thank goodness daddy is the one to swoop in and correct what he makes mistakes on.  

Being the person that keeps nagging til the homework is done, is hard.


this kid has been walking from the kindergarten drop off point all by himself for two weeks now. 
 And I always stand there til he rounds the corner, just in case he turns to wave. 

Watching him walk away, waiting for him to turn and wave, but he doesn' hard.  

What's hard for you these days?


Raina and Andy said...

Yes all hard things! Screaming and potty troubles are still hard for me these days. Rr

Addler Daycare Crew said...

Great post. I'm right along with you.

I keep calm. And then remind myself after I didn't keep calm, that keeping calm is always best.

Ben (8) is hard at bedtime. He's usually out by 7:30. Keeping to that is hard because I know so many others stay up later. We ended up making a schedule for him. I listed the times throughout the day, he filled in the activity. This has helped. Better predictability for him means less tantrums for us.

You're doing great over there. Keep on keepin' on!

Anonymous said...

Letting the kids do the work they need to do in their time without nagging them to "just get it done" . . . is hard. Pretty sure my way is faster and better. ;) But, I know they'll learn much more and that our time together will be much more pleasant if I just let it go. (Please remind me of that tomorrow and then next day and the day after that . . . )



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