Thursday, September 5, 2013

Miss Morgan visits

A few weeks ago Miss Morgan came to visit us. 
I am so behind on so many pictures and events. 

 While the daddy's worked on our bathroom mamas took the kids turtle hunting...

Out for frozen yogurt with their choice of toppings! 

And then a last minute decision to get haircuts....
Four years in the making for this little lass....

I didn't realize she hadn't even had a trim!  
I was in a panic, but mama was all calm.  
I snapped pictures quickly. 

And she went from this....

To this! 

Love when they come to visit. 
Can't wait til they live closer! 

1 comment:

Raina and Andy said...

Cool to be there for first hair cut. She's so cute! Glad syd has a big girl cousin. So special. Rr


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