Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kickin' it round these parts!

It feels sooo good to be in week 2 of the school year. 
A routine is starting to feel normal. 
Syd and I are finding our way in the mornings.
The boys get off to school without complaint. 

This week we added soccer to our Tuesday evenings and upcoming Saturday mornings. 
Both boys practice on the same field (thankfully) at 6pm.  
And most of their games are during the same hour.
We will divide and conquer. 

Last night Syd rocked a tutu leotard that our friend Lynelle gave us (thanks again!).
She paired it with her little soccer shoes that my friend Jessie gave us (another splurge I otherwise would never have made).  And she rocked the fields running back and forth, not caring at times if she was passing through fields where practices were in full swing.  

Henry looks to be the guy with size on the team...but he is still a cautious one. 
If only he could imagine everyone to be Charley on the field...then they would see some outgoing, verging on yellow card, play.  When Charley and Henry play in our front yard you can not tell if it is soccer or a wrestling match 10 minutes into the game.  Blizzards will once again be the carrot that I dangle in front of them if I see some aggressive play.  And by aggressive I mean, touch the dang ball kids.

Meanwhile, our girl demands daddy to "run round daddy!"
And she giggles and laughs and occasionally bows.

Week two.  Thankful to be here.  It's starting to fit like a comfy old shoe.  
For many it is week one of the school year.  I have been thinking of all my friends and family who are in the throws of the excitement.  Hang in there.  It all mellows out.  It all starts to groove. 
Next week you too will be kickin' back enjoying the new fall routine! 


Roz said...

Can't stop smiling about the dangling blizzard comment and being aggressive. :)

Love the tutus as well. What a special time this is for you and Sydney. Soak it up!

Anonymous said...

Syd looks SO cute in that outfit and those shoes!!! Thanks for the encouragement as far as week 2 of school goes. Nora LOVES school and Amber says she likes it but tells me she cries for me and Nora every day on and off during the day :( hopefully it will get better for her. As far as at home, when the 2 little ones nap in the afternoon I get "me time" which I haven't had in years - such a wonderful thing :). Jamie Trampe

Raina and Andy said...

I love those cleats! Sooooo cute. It makes me so happy that your kiddos play soccer. Or at least give it a chance. Wish we lived closer so I could make it to some games! Rr


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