Friday, August 30, 2013

Class Friday?

Now that the boys are in school ...Sydney continues to ask "Mama, Class Friday?" 
She has been asking since last spring when class ended.  I always tell her September.  
She still has over 4 weeks to wait.  Class got postponed.  And she asks multiple times a day.  
So this week we made a chain to count down.  
Yet, she doesn't really get the chain thing yet.  

Henry didn't cry again yesterday!  
We break the rules and walk him to the door of his room, hug him, and then stand back and let him make his way in.  
He took about a minute yesterday, inching forward slowly...but then he did it.  Not looking back, just concentrating on his first task. 

Charley continues to love every minute of it. 
He has started math homework and isn't having any problem tripling his reading minutes. 
He excitedly came home with a new book from the library that a buddy in class recommended. 
He didn't move til he was done reading it.  
Love that.  

Then there is me. 
The mama that is kinda lost this week. 
I miss the boys and the chaos they brought to our days this summer. 
They can hold actual conversations with me.  
So when Ed calls yesterday to check in after I dropped Henry off...and we had been home puttering for over an hour...I got teary because I miss them.  And I haven't been home with a little who needed me to be their playmate for awhile.  Last year Henry kept Syd busy and the couple of days he had preschool we filled with errands and running around.  
Now it is settling in that it is girl time, 5 mornings a week.  

Yesterday she wanted to play school.  She got her backpack and we went at it.  
We also did a puzzle and picked strawberries.  

I just need to relax and realize it is time again to have a little more time to
 get things done around here. 
Enjoy my girl.  Blog some more kid activities like I used to.  
And look forward to when all the littles are back in the coop and the chaos resumes - at 4:02 when I wonder what I missed. HAHA!  

I need to realize I don't need to wander aimlessly around the house, eating my way through this transition from summer to school year!  Week three.....that is when it will all flow more naturally. 

And Syd and I will wait anxiously for Friday class to start. 
And meanwhile, we'll start a list (my mom's advice) of girl adventures we can conquer this coming school year!  Because this time with her is so precious!

P.S.  It's a leotard day again.  She just brought me that leotard from up above, confidently announcing that, "it. not. dirty."

Happy Friday!

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Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I think she's telling you she's ready for dance. So fun.

First week is done, hooray for that!


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