Monday, September 23, 2013

Get to Monday!


Miss Syd woke at 5:45 and called out for me.  I was quick and she asked me to lay down in there with her.  I did it.  Because I GET to do that these days.  And I don't know if she fell asleep or not, but I did.  I'll take that as a our day didn't start in this house until 6:45! 

But now we are trying to get dressed for the day.
Trying because Miss Syd is demanding she wear her swimsuit today.  
But this morning it is chilly.  
I have had friends who dealt with the little girl who refused pants and only wore skirts.  
I GET to dress this little 2 1/2 year old who loves skirts and dresses and SWIMSUITS! 
What do I do?  

So far I plan to ....

1.  Make all items that are most likely inappropriate this season away in places she can not see. 
2.  Invest in some leggings, tights, and whatever else.
3.  Keep strong and continue to stay patient as we deal with tantrums and fits.
4....HELP!  I need more ideas!  

Most importantly, embrace this little stubborn fashionista who brought over this sparkly board book and pointed out a wand, tiara, and little white princess dress that she wanted to her daddy.  
And her daddy who said as we were falling asleep last night, "Where did she get this whole girly thing?  She is so girly?"  I am baffled also.  She is surrounded by two very boyish brothers.  

What are you GETTING to embrace today?


Anonymous said...

My 3 girl are pretty girly too. When Nora was like 3-5 she wore a princess dress everyday (we got a bunch free from a friend)! I went grocery shopping and to the Library with a princess. Amber wasn't as girly as Nora but Evelyn can be and sometimes she demands to wear a tutu costume in the cold - I just say she has to wear pants/jacket when we go out. It is amazing how they get so girly but I love it! And sometimes I worry about Jimmy playing with pink/dolls, but he takes them and says "hi-ya" and throws them sometimes so I don't worry as much - and he always seems to find boy toys (cars, trains) in this house mainly full of girl stuff. Jamie Trampe

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Yes that feeling of how is it she is just so girly has floored my husband too. Being 5 now he has long since adjusted.

Some things I have tried pick two outfits and let her choose. Leggings are your friend. Changing of the seasons is tough. With mine just getting her to put anything on under the dresses takes a bit to get used to again.

Also pick the outfit out the night before with her. We do that now and have for a while when schools in and that way I don't deal with a battle in the AM. But Sydney may be too young for this to work.

And I also second just letting her wear that princess dress or tutu and just tell her before you leave we need some pants on under it.

I am getting to read with my girl and bake some muffins. It's going to be a wonderful week!


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