Friday, September 13, 2013

friday rambles

This week we left to bring the boys to school with our beach bag packed. 
One day it was perfect for the beach another day it was a little cool but, felt like we were really squeezing out one last beach day.  Because we were beach babes for two entire mornings...our house is in shambles.  

We are still fumbling our way into a morning routine, just us girls.  The first two weeks were filled with watching the clock, running an errand, snacking...getting by.  That was not working so this week I feel like I overbooked us...beach days, playdates, errands.  I need to find the happy medium of a little at home time and a little out and about with friends time.  

We had friends pop over this morning because I know she wouldn't judge the bathroom, the laundry heaping the couch, or the dishes on the counter...and she brought her small tribe, including three week old little Lincoln.  If Syd had been a boy, there is a VERY good chance she would have been named Lincoln.  I snapped a few pictures spur of the moment.  

 Last night I went out to dinner with a college friend who lives SO close.  
We always can chat for hours, filling each other in on the latest news from our worlds.  
This gave daddy a chance to put Miss "mama girl" Sydney to bed.  It all went well.  

Our garden exploded with ripe tomatoes.  
Can't eat them fast enough.  

I am constantly unable to take pictures on my phone because there is no memory space.  
Probably because when Syd plays games and when they allow her to snap a picture of whatever it is she is doing... she does.  
One of her favorite games is The Hair Salon game.  Anyone feeling confident that she will be a hair stylist someday...not me.  

However, the other day she brought me over to see her spider chalk drawing.  
SUPER impressed given most things she draws she says are houses and they look nothing like houses. 
This actually looks like a spider.  

 Tomorrow I am doing round two of my senior picture gig.  
I am going to slow down, get right in her face, and use what I learned from my first try.  
I get so nervous when I am shooting people on purpose.  I don't feel confident or comfortable having them sit there and pose for me.  I am much more relaxed snapping as people live life.  
Tomorrow, I am going to embrace the experience and dive in.  
Take my time, take in everything around me...

It is Friday, Syd is coming down with a cold. 
She sounds congested.  She has a runny nose.  And she napped.  
She is waking now and she doesn't sound happy. 
Time to snuggle up with her before we have to go get Charley man....who by the way gets spied on by many of my fellow mama friends when they go to lunch with their kiddos at school.  They all say he looks super happy.   I am hoping Charley let's me join him next week :)

Happy weekending.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, LOVELY tomatoes!!!! I could facebook you, but thought I'd leave a comment instead :) Our tomatoes, though abundant, are STILL green. They aren't getting 100% sun and are just hangin' on, some huge, some little...I'm sure when they're ready, at least I HOPE, I'll have a bowl and more like yours one day! I've been canning with a neighbor who rocks at it and I've learned all about blanching tomatoes and making simple salsa, next will be pasta sauce. Do you can at all? It's so fun! Loved your post, as usual! -Katherine


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