Friday, August 2, 2013

trying to take myself seriously

This week I was asked by our neighbor to take her daughter's senior picture!  Holy COW!  So honored!  I told her I would for sure give it a go but, I couldn't guarantee anything.  My pictures are inconsistent.  I get good ones only because I take 300 and I over edit.  So we are going to do the senior pictures at different locations on different days to give me a chance to learn from my mistakes :)

Today I realized I should go take a look at the park that we are going to shoot at on Saturday  morning.  So I made my kids get in the car to go scout it out.  Locate the bridges, streams, and stone fire place that the mom told me they were interested in.  Off we went...crabby kids in tow.  I was basically just looking around but, did try and snap a few quick ones...but didn't have time to put a ton of effort in because the kids weren't interested in getting their picture taken.

Here are a few of the moments captured.
You tell me if I have this senior picture gig in the bag!

 Wish me luck! 

Oh and biggest lesson learned...

 Make sure client doesn't have to use the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the biggest lesson learned - too funny! Your kid's personality really shine through on these photos! LOVE the close up shots of Charley - you are going to do GREAT!!! Jamie Trampe

Anonymous said...

You definitely got this, Sarah! :) I cannot wait to see how they turn out. ~ Amy

Jessica said...

That park looks beautiful. You'll get some great shots.

Theresa said...

I hope you post some here to see! You'll be great :) I'm a littler nervous for my first senior this week too....hopefully we'll both be successful! :)


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