Monday, August 5, 2013

My first try...

At the cottage we played a game and I answered a question about living life with a response to a question (What should everyone do once in their life).....

I answered that everyone should 
 do something that scares you....

This was definitely scary for me.  And I am so grateful for the opportunity.

This past Saturday I spent an hour giving the role of photographer a try. 
Hard to take yourself seriously, when you know there is SOOOO much that you don't know.
But with some encouragement from some friends, I dove in and went for it. 
My tummy swirled and I was shaky all day.  

I get it now.  The fee for a photographer. 
It isn't just for the hour of snapping pictures...
it is for the time that it takes to narrow down 300--500 pictures to 50 and then the time it takes to make those 30-50 your best work. 
It is the hard part of knowing what smile and what looks will be perfect and special for the client and the parents.  They often don't always see the same thing as you. 

Granted, I know that all of this stuff would get faster with more experience and confidence. 
But photography is hard because you only have one wedding day, one chunk of time when your baby is only 2 weeks old, and to be asked to try and capture those moments is a big responsibility. 

Thank goodness I am going to get a few chances to take her pictures...Saturday we spent an hour at a local park.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures so far.  

It definitely was fun to take someone's picture who was above the age of 8 and sits still and listens....
however, I was so focused on my camera and that part it was nice that her mom was there keeping an eye on other details.

These pictures had us on a rock island in the middle of a little stream...I was calf deep in water with a rocky bottom.  I am lucky I didn't end up sitting in it.  

I have a lot to learn about posing and light. 
I tried really hard to not get the cheesy leaning up against a tree poses.  
I think I will look around our town a little differently now...for other places to take pictures.

Then there is the editing.  You can go traditional and clean, go a little different, black and white, sepia...and to know what your client will prefer.  I know that if I gave more time ...I would probably develop more of a consistent style.  It's a learning game. 

Learning how to fix grass on the bottom of her feet....



There is just so much. 
Feeling a tad overwhelmed. 

 Excited to give it another shot.
And see if I can use what I learned to make some changes.

And then maybe say "yes" once in a while when a friend or someone asks me if I could snap their kiddos/ family picture.  Because, maybe, I could do it.  And jumping in and actually doing it is the best way to learn!  

 What is something that lays at rest in your mind and heart and if given the opportunity or would be scary...but you would give it a try?


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

I think you did awesome!! You had a beautiful subject and all this practice will help your confidence. You are good at it and I hope you take more chances doing it!

Theresa said...

I'm so happy for you that you gave it a try!! It's scary to try something new, but usually worth it :) Great job!

Stacey said...

Gorgeous model and great photographer! Nice work!!

Anonymous said...

You did a GREAT job on these senior pictures!!! Jamie Trampe


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