Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Story

old pic (at the "animal bar")

When we gather with my family at the cottage there are always moments where we remember the years gone by.  We tell these stories of small boys taking row boats out to fish on their own.  We tell stories of dinners out in large groups - kids at their own tables.  We tell of fish hooks getting stuck in Mr. Paul's head.  We tell stories of favorite restaurants/bars, outings, and traditions.  We laugh.  We are reminded -- or we share because we never forgot.

And as the week wraps up and we drive home I realize that Charley is now on year 9, Henry on year 6, and Sydney on her third year at this place that is so dear to my heart.  They are starting to have stories that they remember and tell....the year their buddy CJ vacationed in the cabin next door, the year there was a big storm and everyone gathered in our cabin, the year we bought toy cowboy guns at the little shop in town.

As a parent you realize what a big job you have giving these little ones a life full of experiences, moments, and opportunities.  So that they have not one story, but hundreds of little and big ones that fill their story book.  So when they are returning to the cottage for their 15th year their voice shares their stories.  When they are laying in their bunk in their dorm getting to know their roommate freshman year they are sharing their life moments that got them to this place in time.  When they sit down on the first Thursday of school this year and open up their brand new journal they know just what they are going to write about.

It's kind of overwhelming to wonder what will fill their life's storybook.  What will have the greatest impact and win those spots in their memories.   And the reality is that we have very little control over what memories will have the most impact on these little ones.  All we can do is to keep telling stories, taking pictures, and taking them on life adventures.

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(I got interrupted so this may have taken me a bit longer ...just keepin' it real)

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Jean Marie said...


It makes me dream of my own memories at the lake...or in the mountains...or things I'll pass on to my own children someday.

Wonderful perspective, thanks for sharing!

Marisa Slusarcyk said...

I love your pictures. I am sorry for taking so long to respond I couldnt get the FMF page to work right today. I am happy I went back and was able to find your blog. Your "Story" is beautiful.


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