Thursday, August 1, 2013

small tribe fishing on a boat = teamwork

These pictures give you an idea of what it is like to take my small tribe out on a boat fishing. 
They will show teamwork in these pictures. 
And note the important role that little sis has.

Henry gets a bite and all other poles are dropped and all flock to this corner of the ship.  

Big brother tries to take over.  
But little brother holds tight. 

so big brother is smart and chooses to cheer him on instead.

It's a fun one to pull in and big brother is giving clear directions to little brother or daddy. 

Big brother snagged it and helped it in the boat. 
Daddy swoops in to get it off the hook.  

And little sis shows no hesitation to catch and release! 


Raina and Andy said...

Love this since I didn't get a chance to be with your ttribe on the ship.
So glad you got to drop your line in a bit too. Syd so funny how she carries the fish. What a tribe! Rr

Jane said...

Grandpa would be so proud of this fishing tribe!


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