Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: Toy State's Diesel Train


Back in May I found out there is a National Train day...May 11!  And I was given a chance to review Toy State's Cat Iron Diesel Train with my little conductors.  

The age for this toy is 5+.  Both my boys could handle this toy, for the most part.  Snapping the track together was a little tricky.  But they both managed to do it most of the time.  Sydney had her hands all over the pieces and once it was set up she was able to put the train on the track and turn it on.  

We have always collected the wooden Thomas Train sets by picking up parts here and there at garage sales.  So having a battery operated set was different and exciting.  

The set comes with 7 feet of track which sounded impressive to us...but once opening the box we were a tad disappointed, mostly because we have so much wooden track that the smaller circle was ....just that, small.  However, this kept the boys busy for a good hour.  

My nephew Eli loves trains and I could see a train obsessed kiddo finding joy in this $18.99 set, available on Amazon or at Target.  I waited a few weeks to share this review because I wanted to see how often my kiddos went back to it.  They aren't train lovers but it has been pulled a few times.  There are other sets that you can add on to this set with.  This would of course allow you to make more track formations.  

Nothing broke.  The batteries we put in are still working.  And the train also moves about on our hardwood floors.  

If you have a kiddo's birthday and you are in need of a gift...this might be just the thing for a little conductor.

**Thanks Child's Play Communications for allowing me and my kids to try out this toy.  I was given this toy in exchange for an honest review.  


Raina and Andy said...

Wow can't believe you didn't tell me about this! How neat. Would definitely want more track! Rr

Anonymous said...

How do you get to review toys like this? I would LOVE to! How neat! Jamie Trampe


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