Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday rambles...

Today it started off rainy and has continued to be pretty gloomy. 
It was rainy up at the cottage two weeks ago...but with the covered pontoon we could fish while it poured.   So today I would give anything to be back in the boat...especially with my nephew and brother in law!  Good times!  

Other rainy days around here we just hang out in the back end of our car.

It was especially gloomy today because this week Charley is supposed to be going to a Lego Robotics camp with a buddy...and he came down with pink eye on Saturday evening.  I know he has been on antibiotics for 24 hours, but it still seemed goopy this morning and of all camps...digging through bins of Legos...just perfect for passing along pink eye.  So he will look forward to attending tomorrow.  

We did make it to meet his new principal.  Sydney and Henry showed their office chair spinning skills and ruined any chance of being me being hired in the future.  Geez!  At least they were quiet.  Charley is pretty pumped about his new school.  I know there will still be up and down moments as he adjusts - but so far so good.  He is excited about having a desk and two choices when he takes hot lunch.  He has a few friends he will see at school and is excited to be on the same school calendar as family friends...more of a chance of a playdate.  I know there will be things that he will miss, and friends he won't see as often.  But hopefully, we can keep some of those connections strong.  

Up north at the cabin it is no big deal to see 1-4 eagles swooping and circling, nesting and landing.  
But we have never seen one land this close on the shore line.  MAN are they big birds.  I didn't have my zoom lens on and was afraid to move any closer.  But the yellow beak and talons were crazy cool.  Love these experiences that smatter my boys lives.  

I read a book at the cottage during the first three days of the trip.  It was called The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard.  I absolutely LOVED it.  I realized how happy reading made me and it is now a goal to have a book going and pick it up more often.  Those first three days I barely touched my phone.  It felt SO good to disconnect and carry my book around instead of my phone or ipad.  Highly recommend that book!

Our master bathroom will have been torn out for 3 years come October.  
This weekend we got a sitter and finally made some decisions on tile (shower, wall surrounding tub, and floor) and fixtures.  
Very proud of Ed and I.  We obviously could NEVER build a house because the decision making process and the stress I feel just picking out fixtures and tile for one small room was crazy.   And if it took 3 years for this bathroom to happen...imagine a house with possibly 2 1/2 bathrooms and multiple other rooms!   

I tried to relax and think of the moment when Sydney was napping and Mr. Paul took my boys on a canoe ride up at the cottage. 

It was the first year, ever, that I NEVER put on a swim suit.  Charley did go in and swim one day.  But that was it.  Crazy.  

Syd has been napping...because I think we are all verging on sick.  But such a gift to have that little break.  Even strangers we come into contact with remark how cute she is but how spunky she looks.  Spunk is a nice way of describing the drama she causes my life.  Love that girl!   

One of our kitchen drawers broke a while back.  It is located right above our garbage cabinet.  It has been handy to have that hole to put garbage in without pulling out the garbage rig.  Another proud moment was watching Ed completely build a new drawer!  He did it.  It looks great, works great, and it was all done on Saturday.  Just like my risk of taking some pictures for someone...he has slowly been accumulating tools and saws to do things like that drawer and our bathroom...and I am so impressed he tackled the drawer.  I can't wait to see the bathroom progress!

Does anyone get their kids to bed and finally look at the clock and realize that in 8 hours you will be back immersed in the day to day moments of motherhood.  Like once you are done picking up and getting everyone quiet you have 8 hours and that is the recommended amount of you either skip some sleep to snuggle by your husband to watch a show or you go crash and not get to do anything without interruption.  

 Sydney is going through a mama stage.  She needs me to put her to bed.  She needs me to sit with her to watch Daniel or Princess.  She wants me to carry her.  She is also very cuddly, curling up against me during books and shows.  Or when she says "pick you up!" which means I am supposed to pick her up...she wraps her two arms around her neck.  Those little arms and hands around my neck are one of those touches that gives you such a warm and cozy feeling.  Love that girl....but dang, give your daddy a chance.  The guy would do a far calmer and relaxed bedtime for you if you gave him a chance.  Mama is sometimes d.o.n.e.  

Sydney is so proud of this nightgown that she got from her friends Charley, Sophie, and Abby.  
She calls it her princess pjs (even though it has frogs all over it).  I think because it is like a dress and her only night gown.  But she put her headband in all by herself and was so proud.  She waltzes by Ed like this and says things like, "I pretty princess, daddy!"  Where does she get this stuff.  Cracks us up.  

August is always my purge month.  I want to clean out, get organized, and do little things that end up frustrating me because I don't have time for them.  I think it all goes back to my teaching days and August being the time when I went back to the classroom ready and excited for the fresh start.  

The temperatures have been cooler around here.  I kinda like it...but am sad that our tomatoes are plentiful but are hanging out small and green for far too long.  Not sure what the deal is.  

Last summer we spent most of our free time at the pool.  This summer we have only been there a handful of times.  So sad to me.  I love hanging there, watching my kids, coming home clean, and tired.  With school starting on August 26...I am starting to think we might not get there much more.  

Every summer in August I usually fit in a trip to my moms and another trip up north to Ed's parents.  This year I have neither trip planned.  This is our final week where a kiddo has a camp or activity.  And then we have two weeks and I just kind of decided that we wanted to stay put and enjoy things around here.  But now I am worried I will regret not making those trips.  We have company coming the next two weekends.  So I think it is just a different August and that's okay :)

Time to get a few things done...or go shoot hoops with the boys for a bit.  

What's going on in your neck of the woods?


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Crazy you didn't get in the water. It hasn't been a warm summer.
Dr apts this week. And organizing a lot of that.

Raina and Andy said...

I love the last pic if you and syd. Funny that she put that headband on with a nightgown. Sooo cute. Love the first pic of the rain. That is so cool. And thanks for sharing pics if 2 of my boys:)


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