Monday, August 5, 2013

I am there.

Once again summer is flying by and as I glance through pictures and remember things I notice that once again I have forgotten to hand off my camera.  I have forgotten to ask someone to take a picture of me with my kids...funny how moms have to ask others to take the pictures.  Which takes the natural and spontaneous moment and stomps on it...because you unnaturally pose and are then frustrated with how it looks...because you tried. It makes you feel silly, so then you just skip it.

But we do want our children to see us.  It would be a gift to have someone follow me around and capture me in the everyday...flipping pancakes, while pouring juice, turning on a cartoon, and finding a red marker....while maybe answering the phone or email...AND taking a picture of something.

Maybe that would be my niche...not photographer, but lady who is your shadow and captures your everyday (right, Katie!).

 Yesterday, I read this post.  And her words gave me peace.  She said,

"I am in every picture I take. I am the reason these photos even exist. Just because you can't see my face doesn't mean that I am not there. I felt the moment, captured it, I was there. That is me. The mom is in the picture. Of course I want my kids to have photographic evidence of their mother through the years, and they do, and will.

They also have all my words, a more accurate reflection of me than any photo could ever be."


Once someone sadly said to me, "Do you really think your kids will read your whole blog?"  

I have no idea if they ever will.  But I will say, that if my mom (or Ed' mom) had blogged (which she totally would have if it had been around back then).  I would TOTALLY read it.  Over and over.  Everyday I wish I could see her in the everyday of our younger years...and know how she managed our middle school and teen years.  

Maybe my kids won't give a hoot, but either way, my voice is here.
And even if I'm not in many pictures physically...

  I am.  I am behind the camera.  Snapping the pictures.  
There for the car washes, cookie baking, fishing at the cottage...I am there.
I am there pouring juice, applying bandaids, folding clothes, making lunches.
I am there.  

 I know.  I know.  Third post in one day.  Syd napped.  There ya go.


Raina and Andy said...

Great post! So true about asking and trying so hard and then hating the 1 fake smile you finally gave the camera. I hope I can find some to prove you we're there. Rr

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I have written a diary every day for the last 20 years without missing a day and someone once kind of asked if I think my kids are going to read them all and I got kind of sad like why am I doing this? but realized that if my mom kept a diary when she was little and then when I was growing up I would LOVE to read it ALL so it is kind of for my kids I guess. I love your blog though because the pictures help tell your story and I think your kids are going to LOVE reading your blog - I love it and I'm not even related to you! Although sometimes I feel like I am a long lost sister :). Keep it up you are doing great! Jamie Trampe


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