Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Update from Henry's pick up from Kindergarten

Little Sis Syd raced to go get "Hemmy" 
And we sat and waited and hoped that when he appeared it would be with a smile.
I got this look...

I'll take it.  
The sneaky grin that says, "You were right mom.  It was good."

He had very little to say about school. 
He had cheez its for snack.
They went to gym.
He colored with only blue.

And the smart board markers won't make marks on you if you accidentally write on yourself. 
I asked him if he got to use the smart board. 
He said, "Yes, we had to mark if we were happy or sad to be at school." 
I asked which one did he mark. 
He peeked up at me and said, "The right one."
I clarified ...the happy one.  
And he confirmed. 

I'll take it.  

He says he might go back tomorrow.  
It's a start. 
Means so much all the texts, emails, phone calls, wishing him well and hoping he has a great start.  I know when you read someone's blog - whether you are real life friends or family, or just someone who happened upon this little place in the virtual world...the blog family finds a place in your heart.  Means the world that Henry and I are in so many hearts.  Thank you for cheering us on.  

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Anonymous said...

SO glad Henry did so well his first day! His personality reminds me so much of my Amber who will start kindergarten next Tuesday and they only have full day, no half day option. I LOVE Henry's sneaky grin, wasn't expecting that when I scrolled down to see if he was happy or sad - such a cute little grin and I LOVED how he told you he picked the right stick (the happy one). Good job Henry!!! Jamie Trampe


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