Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday rambles....

While Charley continues to love school
and Henry conquered day two with very little fuss and NO tears...
Little Miss Syd acts as though she could run a classroom.

As long as she could show up in her princess dress and pause to bow as needed.
All day yesterday she stopped and bowed.
When I asked her what was happening, she replied,  "I princess."

We were ready for the routine. 
It feels good. 
Yesterday Syd and I worked on painting our lower level hallway.  Got it all done yesterday.  
She was so busy with her cash register, play money, and shopping cart. 
So busy she didn't nap. 
Yipee.  Not.

Last week we squeezed in the pool, and this week I am tempted daily to pick up Charley from school and high tail it there.  But I know they are tired.  I know they need low key.  But we are down to only days where the pool is we might go for a dip today or tomorrow. 

Ed continues to make slow but steady progress in our master bath renovation.
Which left me to the task of getting the kids some schnazzy new school shoes Saturday.  
Syd's are from a garage sale, brand new basically.  They are those bedazzled sketchers that light up when she walks.  I know, the angle of that phone picture makes her look 12.  And Henry's feet are only a size smaller than Charley's!  I didn't need a cocktail after this accomplishment - proud.  

Charley conquered his first hot lunch day yesterday. 
But our goal is still to make a take home lunch most days.  
He looks at the calendar and marks 4-5 days that he wants hot lunch
and then we go from there. 

We are finally getting tomatoes that turn red. 
From what I hear this is similar to many round town.  
Syd eats them up before we can get them in the house.  

One of my goals for the start of the school year was to prioritize meal planning and family dinner time.  With July/August some road construction that had Ed's commute most days taking 2 hours...not arriving til bedtime....we were in feed the kid's early and eat later mode.  This week we did get some tomatoes into the house before Syd nibbled them and then we made Pioneer Woman's shrimp stirfry.  We liked it.  All the veggies was from the farmer's market!  Yipee.  

We also had my mom's chicken stuffing casserole, I know too hot to cook, but we are managing to keep our house pretty cool so it worked.  I am loving that Syd or Henry can help me prep things in the afternoon and then dinner prep hour flows smooth.  

The temps have been so hot that it is hard to do much outside...the boys really want to fry and egg on the driveway...instead they will fry up their little sis.  Actually they just love tracing Sydney and decorating the person outline.  

Our days are ending earlier and earlier this week.  If your kids are back to school you will see by the end of the week they are exhausted.  It takes SO much energy to transition back to the school year.  Even for the little sibs that have to adjust to not having their playmates and sibling entertainment.  
I look forward to week three when everything is flowing.  

This week my main goal was getting meal plans rolling. 
Next week will be the return to the gym....a place I haven't seen in over two months.  Yikes! 

What have you been up to?

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Heather (One Take On Life) said...

My kid is exhausted already. I think this week has been rougher on me then them.
I have started operation deep clean, first step was just getting the house clean, that is mostly done. Pantry has been deep cleaned, and one of the art areas. Next up, purging of some stuffies I think.
Afternoons are still a bit of transition with my girl, wondering how on earth we will get back to practicing reading. It will come, just not this week.


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