Tuesday, August 6, 2013

beginning the transition -- as a mama

As summer starts to get to the wind down stage (we start August 26), I am starting to get the mix of emotions about the school year starting.  Every year is different.  This year Henry will go every morning, which leaves me and Syd with some ample girl time to fill.  

Henry is a good bud to Syd.  He will nestle in and watch her cartoon choices without complaint. 
He will hunker down and offer to make necklaces and bracelets for his little sis.
Syd's new favorite game to play with her brothers is called "funnies" and it involves being silly on the floor with blankets, tickles, and laughter.  

Every morning without my Henry is hard to think about.  
He is ready.  And will thrive.
 But because he was our middle kiddo...I feel like he got sandwiched in there and it has been a busy at home time for him.  Truckin' his brother to preschool or school....his little sis always been a variable.
I guess what I mean is....it snuck up on me...even though I knew it was coming.  

This time of year always makes us mama's gulp because we realize that another year officially passes, just like with birthdays.  It will be the last summer where our children will be this old.  There are only so many summers until they are 18 and technically independent.  

Charley will be a third grader.  The grade I spent most of my years teaching.  He is now going to the district I taught in, so I might see things that are quite familiar looking.  Can't wait.  

Miss Syd and I are going to embrace the driving that comes with open enrolling ones kiddos to a different district.  We are going to fill our mornings with a mix of adventures, quiet time, friends, and business.  It is going to be oh so special....if I can just get used to the idea of Henry starting to fly from our nest just a little further and further.  

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Raina and Andy said...

I'm gonna need help with my transition this year too! I love Henry! And i cant wait to hear about your syd adventures. Rr


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