Monday, July 1, 2013

family picnic moments captured

Our first summer road trip was lots of hours in the car (12-14). 
But once again,  proved worth it.  
Mama had some girl time while Grandpa Bob, Uncle Greg, and daddy...and Fox, kept the small tribe busy.

Sydney actually took a three hour nap under the master nappers eye (Uncle Greg).  While Grandpa treated Ed and the boys to popcorn and a movie (Monsters University?).  
They returned home and then went fishing!  Ordered Pizza for dinner after feasting on Uncle Greg's grilled cheese lunch.   They were busy.  

Meanwhile, us ladies met up with our female relatives for the annual Survivor party.  My sister was master of ceremonies and she did a spectacular job.  

The grandkids were glad to regroup on Sunday for our annual family picnic with all my (midwest) cousins on my dad's side.  Most people made it this year.  

My Aunt Jane flew here from Okinawa, Japan.

And Uncle Greg and Aunt Liz came from Michigan.

But who would want to miss a party that my mom had anything to do with.  She always hits it out of the ball park.  And this time it once again was a great picnic.  Yummy food, laid back, beautiful weather...a great spot to kick back.  And a bean bag toss tournament that kept everyone huddled under the same shady spot, cheering, mingling, and enjoying the summer day.  

Where Grandma Barb plops...her grandsons are always hovering nearby.  
She is loved.  

Grandma Barb and Charley actually won one of the tournaments!  Pretty cool!  
Raina and I attribute my mom's stellar bag tossing skills to her bowling league days.  
She sunk her bag more than anyone I noticed.  

Grandpa Bob and Uncle Gary always have some laughs and hearing them and seeing them together always has me smiling.  They are brothers and you can tell in so many ways.  

People come and hang out.  Relaxed.  Catching some rays.

The boys were so excited for the day. 
And had a blast playing with their aunts and uncles and other kids at the party. 

Aunts and Uncles nab up moments with their nieces and nephews that they have to sneak in, because when you have your own kiddos you are busy.  But moments were savored.  

It was a great day.  And even during the horror hour during our six hour drive home...I never once thought, I wish we hadn't gone.  It is always worth it.  

As I have grown older I have come to appreciate the work that my parents and my aunts and uncles have put into keeping the connections there.  It would be very easy to let time and space happen...because it is often hard enough to get our own immediate families together.  But giving up a few hours or a weekend to enjoy those that were gifted to you as brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, or important.  I know my grandma and grandpa would be glad that we were still taking time to gather and enjoy each others company.  

And I was there! and grabbed me some Hughie cooties!  

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Anonymous said...

Good job capturing memories with those great pictures! Love Syd's haircut! Jamie Trampe


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