Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a few random extraordinary moments...

Extraordinary moments happening all the time....
are you noticing them. 

I'm trying...

 We saw a slew of rainbows on our road trip to Grandma Barb's house.  Charley captured this one on his ipod.  

Yesterday Sydney and I mashed up some blackberries and created our own blackberry ice cream recipe.  

We have a crop of tomatoes slowly coming along.  We had an early bloomer and we were all excited.  We left Sydney unattended at the garden for a few moments and she picked it.  Sigh. 

Due to Sydney's ongoing obsession with Daniel Tiger...Charley insisted that Grandma Barb should serve fruit salad in a watermelon at the family picnic.  Since that wasn't happening she decided to have the boys help her throw together watermelon fruit salad Saturday morning before us gals left for the day.  

Three pictures from the picnic that deserved some color too!

And our little two year old trying to figure this out...

It's all about being the mama and picking up that camera.  
Lugging it here and there. 
But also not picking it up and sitting back and savoring all the moments going on around us too.  
Find the balance.  

More later...maybe :)

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