Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday : In between

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Today's prompt is: In Between

 Five Minute Friday

Being a parent means experiencing the "it's just a stage or phase" journey.
And I like to think that these "in between" times where we are challenged by tough habits or stages that our children go through, are the times that push us to grow even more than our children.

At least that is what I try to tell myself.

Sydney has been our most two year oldy two year old of our three kiddos.  She is working the "I do it MY - SELF!" attitude like no one else I know.  EVERY single thing takes a ton of time or no time at all.  It makes leaving the house to get places really hard or really easy.  Sometimes we are a half hour early and sometimes a half hour late ALL because of her independent two year old shenanigans.

If she takes too long to do something that she has announced by shouting "I do it!"  and time passes so I think, I'll just start to buckle her seatbelt or I'll just clear her table spot or I'll just put on her shoe or I'll just pick up the toy or I'll just zip the jacket or I'll just eat the cookie (just kidding, I would never think to take a two year olds cookie - her wrath is crazy!)  ...well, then she flips out and demands that we undo the progress I have made so she can do it herself.

The whole ordeal is crazy frustrating.

This weeks most frustrating independent activity is getting in the car and getting buckled in.  She can do it.  But the fact that she doesn't always choose to do it when I ask is hard.  So we sit.  And we encourage and we try to all be patient.  And I am learning to just plan to get in the car 10 minutes early to give her this time so that we aren't all throwing tantrums.

As parents we ride a roller coaster of ages and stages.

Sleeping through the night.
Throwing food.
learning to walk
not taking medicine
tantrum throwing
waking too early
not sitting for books
sharing or not sharing
dressing and picking out their clothes
running away from us
separating with daycare/babysitter
not napping
not wanting to ride in a shopping cart
climbing out of a crib
throwing food from their high chair
ONLY eating certain foods
preferring one parent to another
only watching or reading or playing with one toy/show/activity
being afraid of things

....whatever the age and stage there are weeks where we hit a stride and celebrate this stride.   And other weeks we think this horrid habit or circumstance will NEVER end.

Whether you think the good week is the "in between"  or the frustrating habit is the "in between"  ... it is the roller coaster from stage to stage that makes us appreciate the good, grow from the struggles and challenges, and keeps us interested throughout the whole journey.

Cheers to the "in between" stages!
They definitely keep things interesting.



Karen said...

Well, Oh My Gosh, can I relate!!! We are going through the transition to no naps with my four year old, and really struggling with trying to get her twelve hours of sleep each night. 'TOO much to do, Mommmmmmmm, Daddddy, I DON WANNA sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!' 'I'm NOT TIIIIIRRRRRED' as her head droops and her eyes close ... on child number four, I know it is just an 'in between'. (My 10 year old and 12 year old are great sleepers!) But it is very tiring going in between ... enjoyed your post. Could see Very Clearly Everything you wrote!!! Happy Friday!!!

Anna R. said...

Girl, you wrote fast!! There are a lot of words in this post and even a picture! Color me impressed =) And grateful, because you are SO right on. Seems to me that parenting is one big mush of living in the in between; so much that we don't even know it until we're past that phase and into the next. Thanks for the reminder to pause into it =)


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