Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We are most definitely in the end stretch of the school year. 
The shoes are falling apart, the jeans are too short, and the motivation to study spelling words, check homework folders, and pack lunches is lagging.

Lots to wrap up and lots to mentally feel ready for. 

 Charley's first day of school Second Grade

Last night Ed and I went on a date/errand outing. 
 Since conquering the task of leaving the small tribe with a sitter, I have come to love date night. 
And I could almost say I am addicted and desire it more and more. 

 Not exactly the feeling I want to have going into summer - an upcoming stretch of long summer days with three littles underfoot. 

 But then I watch this video I have posted down below, again. 
And I am reminded that the days might get long, but the summer is going to fly. 

The bucket list needs to be made.

The fun is about to begin. 
 And the best parts are the perfectly ordinary days that start with pancakes, cartoons, and pjs and end sticky, sunkissed, and overtired. 

 Take a moment and watch this one. Again.


Thinking of all of you as you embark on Summer 2013!  It's just about here.


The Tompkins Family said...

That was beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Damn it. That video always makes me cry. ;)
Jack came down the stairs last saturday and announced he'd like to "see a marching band, a parking lot, and have ice cream." I hugged him so tight, knowing that these simple wishes for a saturday might be short lived.

Anonymous said...

love the pic of grandma charlie and syd. also syd in the pink jammies. can't wait to spend some summer time with your family this year. RR


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