Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last Friday photo bomb catch up

One of Charley's first really good friends was Elly. 
They met when we started staying home and hit it off.  So did Lynelle and I.
We took ECFE classes, joined a playgroup through mom's club...and soon started playdate swapping so Lynelle and I could get moments without kiddos.  
They have always had a blast together.

Last Friday Elly was in a play and we went with friends to watch her up on stage (her sister was also up on stage).  Elly did a tremendous job and Charley got a kick out of seeing them up on stage.  
Great work Elly and Emma!  So proud of you! 

Earlier on Friday we also hung out with Elly and Emma's little brother...now one of Sydney's first friends.  Henry has been begging to go to the open gym at a nearby gymnastics's center.  But it always falls on school mornings.  Since school's out for the summer we got there.  

And now Sydney is friends with Elly's little brother Oscar!  

It was one heck of a fabulous Friday...especially, since we got to share the fun with friends.

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Anonymous said...

was so glad you posted a pic of henry at the end since he was the one begging to go. charley looks soooo grown up. can't handle it. ps oscar is ADORABLE. so so so cute. RR


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