Tuesday, June 25, 2013

my sister is often my bird

My sister pointed out the other day that she thinks I am so good at surrendering my days and time to my children.  Sitting outside for hours watching them play and not stressing about all that I could get done inside.    Taking them places that they will enjoy rather than doing the errands that burden my to do list.  It is always a gift when she notices something that I don't and ultimately am sometimes even hard on myself about - when in reality I am doing just fine at it.  

I think all of us mama's could use a little bird on our shoulder pointing out the things we do during the day that we don't realize we do or accomplish.  The moments when a healthy snack is consumed, when exiting the house went surprisingly organized and smooth, when a car ride was whine free, when dinner was well rounded, or when the children are all happy and busy doing their own thing.  When a load of laundry finds it's way to the drawers.  When dinner is planned and started before it's time to serve it up.  When milk is spilled and we react calmly.  When there is laughter and chatter instead of whining or arguing.  When the toys that litter the floor show the fun that was had.  When we collapse in bed and could fall asleep before our littles have stopped tossing and turning and needing things. 

Often times a day ends and all I let myself see are the things I didn't accomplish.  All I let myself feel is the guilt I have for a moment when I reacted too harshly.  All I see when I look around are the messes and disorder and the things that lay unfinished.  

I appreciate when someone, a lot of time my sister, points out things she sees happening around here daily that are successes in this adventure of motherhood.

I challenge you to notice your moments today...the ones everyone else notices and that you don't allow yourself to see because you are too caught up in the things that you think you are failing at.    And then shout them out here, loud and proud, and celebrate them.  



Anonymous said...

YOU are my bird too. thank you so much. EVERY single day. you help me rationalize. laugh. tip my head and appreciate. and most importantly, you really motivate me and inspire me.
Here I go (gulp) i'm gonna shout it out right now!!! Eli hasn't been yelled at for a few days-his behavior has been that of a mature 4 year old and I'm SO proud of him (and me-maybe I'm learning to let some small things go?! It's about time)

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

I would be willing to take either Schneider sister for a day of bug on the wall to write down notes all day to review during naps about things i could do differently and the things i'm doing well! i'm serious.
my kids have been yelled at plenty already today. ugh.

Anonymous said...

What's in those round cups?


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