Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello, Monday.

We are getting hammered by rain again this afternoon, at least at the moment.  I just put Syd down for her afternoon nap.  Do you like how confident and normal I make that sound?  Like it happens routinely, easily, and naturally.  She hasn't napped in over a week, again.  But we attempt everyday.  And today, with an occasional rumble and the hard patter of rain, dark skies, and the quiet house...I have decided that if she doesn't nap today then I have the right to call her when she is 20 years old and is digging deep for her rain coat or umbrella so that she can stay dry as she hikes to her boring speech 101college class and would much rather curl up in her dorm bed and take a nice nap.  Yes, my dear, someday I am going to rub it in your beautiful little face that you skipped so many chances to nap.


The boys on he other hand are curled up watching the movie HOP.  Henry watched part of it when on a play date a while back and has been talking it up with Charley.  Today he started a new session of swim lessons and the new teacher thing was looming.  He was starting to throw his "I don't want to go fit."  And after last sessions teacher transition I was already trying to figure out the bribe that would get him in the pool.  Because it only takes 5 minutes IN the pool and he is all smiles.  And so the text went out to anyone I thought might have it.  And thanks to his preschool buddy Alex, the house he saw part of the movie at, they are having movie afternoon during the rain storm.


This morning I went through a drawer in my bedroom that held a bucket load of old swim suits.  Most of them two pieces.  Basically, when I say going through I really mean, I just moved them from the drawer to the trash.  Folded up the sarong thingies that I could use if we ever go to a tropical resort....and was then able to fit my current one piece suits and cover ups.  I then walked the garbage bag with all the two pieces from 11 years ago....when we went to Mexico..or the first two years of our marriage when I had my summers off and we didn't have kids,  to the curb and added it to today's garbage.  I decided...if I ever feel in the mood to wear a two piece....I deserve to buy a new one...right?   Tossing that bag in the garbage was slightly sad but also very liberating.  Embracing this body of mine that has birthed three little miracles and has me standing in the pool supervising or  chasing after a two year old and bending over FAR more often than I would like...instead of laying on a towel reading a summer novel.


Last night, by accident, we watched an episode of a new show on the discovery channel called "Naked and Afraid." Ed and I were both highly entertained by the intense survival situation, the nakedness, and the whole idea of this show.  Not sure if we will ever turn it on again - but it was fun to text to a few people who were also experiencing it for the first time.


Unfortunately,  Ed was subjected to a hormonal breakdown last night, as I started to panic about the week ahead.  Our summer is going great...but I am realizing I have very little time to do the normal things like follow through with an empty and fill the dishwasher chore, wash & fold & put away laundry job, or anything else for that matter.  With three home all day and Syd's nap not happening...there isn't much time to accomplish much on the to do list.  He pointed out that maybe I need to take off the expectations of getting all that done.  He doesn't get stuff around the house done at his job.  Maybe we need to commit to spending a few minutes in the evening cleaning up the kitchen and folding the laundry in the evening.  So we'll see how this works.  I think the fact that we have some fun travel ahead and that requires organized and strategic packing, which will be hard to do during the day with littles underfoot, I feel overwhelmed....on top of the frustration that I can't fit in the stuff I was fitting in two months ago.


We are knocking off Summer bucket list items left and right.  I think I did a fine job managing to keep it all pretty basic where we feel lots of success and there isn't too much on there that requires too much work or effort.


With all this timely rain storms...our grass needs mowing quite regularly.
With all this rain my children have many bites, especially around the hairline.  I HATE IT.
With all this rain the driveway chalk designs get washed away and leave us with a clean slate daily.


Orchestra camp is still a success.  Charley is practicing and not complaining about going.  I am amazed.  Next step will be finding someone local for a few individual lessons.


Sydney can proudly count to ten.  She also knows some of her shapes and most of her colors.  


Since the kitchen and laundry folding might get done this evening...I am giving myself permission to have an extra cup of coffee this rainy afternoon.

Happy Monday!

What's happening with you??????

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