Thursday, June 27, 2013

He's back from retirement...the violin still plays here.

For the last couple months of the school year I could not get Charley to practice his violin.  I pushed, I bribed, I threatened.  Even Grandma Charlie came for his end of the school year concert.  And then after the concert his attitude changed and he wanted to keep going.  He promised to practice.  He begged.  There was going to be a two week orchestra camp right at the start of summer....2 weeks (M-TH 9-10:30) not a huge chunk out of our day and only a few kids signed up so he would get some good attention.  I asked him if he would do that.  I figured we would rent to own a violin and the camp would be an intense way to see if he would practice without a lot of nagging.

He loved the camp.  The teachers did a great job with it.  And tonight he had his end of camp concert and though most of the songs were a bit tricky for him...he kept up well enough and then surprised us with a duet.   I wish so badly I had stood up or moved to capture their faces...but the whole thing caught me buy surprise.  As you watch notice how mid song they stop and move their bows in a synchronized manner.  So cute.  The teachers were so impressed with their playing and the moment where they moved in synchronized motion....or maybe there is some fancy name for that.  The kids were grouped and given time to work on a song independently.  So these two learned this song and performance together.

Now that camp is over the deal was we would find some private lessons to start up so that he keeps it up.  We'll see how that goes and just ride this little adventure as long as he is willing and self motivated...with a little encouragement by his mama.  I am not going to do what we did for those last couple months...nagging takes all the fun out of things, for him and I.

We are so proud of you Charley!  Keep it up!

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Kelly said...

Yay Charley! I loved the little smile on his face at the end.

I was *forced* to take violin lessons at elementary school...3rd and 4th grade. Mainly due to the fact my paternal grandfather was a violin aficionado, self-taught, played like the best of them, and even made a violin out of a wooden cigar box that my parents still have. He had a collection of many! I refused to practice, making my teacher incredibly furious. I refused and whined and was stubborn enough that I got to stop taking lessons. I did pick up taking clarinet a few years later. Of course I regret all of that now, as I have always had a love for string instruments! So, good for you for taking the pressure off Charley and letting him discover his own love for the violin! He'll love you even more for doing that.

Can't wait to see you next week!!! What's your time frame for the trip? :)


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