Thursday, June 27, 2013

bunnies and kites are filling our summer days

Last week our blue pool, sprinkler, and bikes kept us busy for hours outside.
This week.... 

We discovered a little family of baby bunnies living it up in our front walk flower bed.  One little flower bush in particular.  They are adorable.  
Sydney says they are "cute"  
and is constantly checking on them. 
She may have even gotten an actual touch in when mama wasn't looking.  Sneaky girl. 

When we aren't watching the bunnies we are trying to find new ways to entertain ourselves outside mid afternoon.  It has gotten hot and humid here the last couple days but the winds have been steady at times.  So I pulled out some dollar store kites I bought a year or so ago.  

Seriously, great buy!  They snap together easily.
Fly decently.
And you don't care much if the kids end up running down the street dragging them because they were only a dollar.  
This time I think we stored them up well enough that we will be able to pull them out again sometime.  
Yipee!  All three of them got to give the kite a little fly...since we only had two kites...we had to share.  
Always a good experience to have round these parts.  

The boys have been continuing to obsess about the whole Pokemon thing.  It is so amazing to listen to because little boys can soak up so much knowledge so quickly about these odd topics that seem so hard to understand and learn - probably because I have no interest.  But they learn quickly the names and characteristics that are so important to this cartoon thingy.  

At the library we checked out a Pokemon dvd that had three episodes.  
Yesterday I heard them say, "Isn't this the best day ever." after I let them watch a second episode after the first....  So how could I not let them just sit back and enjoy all three episodes in one sitting.  That's what summer is about too...right?  

Charley's orchestra camp wraps up this evening with a concert.
Can't wait.
He also has swim lessons. 
So we are laying low this afternoon after a busy morning that included orchestra camp, park play with our mom's club group, and Henry's swim lessons.  So tempted to hit the pool this afternoon but it just might be too much for this crew.  And I have to start packing!  Yikes!  

Summer is rolling here. 
Or rather, the summer days are flying by fast here.  
It isn't hard to fill them.  

What summer things are you loving these days?


Anonymous said...

We live on the shore of Lake Erie. There are free weekly concerts on the beach. We've made it to every one so far. It is so much fun, even when the music isn't so good. We load up the car with lawn chairs, beach toys and snacks and my boys LOVE it. I think I will have to try to find some of those dollar kites and we'll try those on the beach.

Anonymous said...

Favorite blog mom-- you inspired me again! I found kites in the dollar bin at Target-- and I put them away to surprise the kiddos this week! They are gonna LOVE them! Happy Monday! AK


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