Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stream of thoughts

Stream of thoughts....

Those shoes were from the junior section, which I didn't realize.  HA!  And I feel like they might look like slippers.  But growing up I LOVED me some Minnetonka moccasins from the north woods.  I always saved my money and stocked up when at the cottage. I figured go bright and I don't have to worry about matchy matchy.    

We woke up to NO snow.  Happy dance done, in my junior slipper shoes.

My boys no longer have that yummy little boy baby smell.  This is hard.

Speaking of smells...I told Sydney she smelled like a hamster one day.  The pee smell.  And she giggled and said "coconut"  because that is our neighbor's hamster that we babysat.  But when she says comes out like "corn nut".  Now whenever she has smelly diaper she shouts "corn nut!"   I didn't meant to make it stick.  I was just trying to be silly one day.  

I have no motivation for cooking meals at dinner lately.  I go to Target almost every day to get some random grocery item we NEED.  Our fridge and cupboards are full but not with the ingredients for meals.  This is sad to me.  I don't know how to fix it.  I can't find time to sit and look for recipes.  

We do have time for and love google images in our house.  You can go on there and type in anything with the words coloring page following it and bam!  You have hours of fun for your kids.  The last few days we have been printing snakes, lions, and dragons.  Glue them to Popsicle sticks and add another hour to their fun.

Sydney prefers circle cheese these days.  That's the Colby jack that comes in a large circle from the deli for sandwiches.  She demands circle cheese all day.  She also poops 3-4 times a day at the have at it girl.

Speaking of poop....the boys never flush.  It drives me nuts.  I cared when they pooped for maybe the first three months of their life...and for Charley...maybe the first year because of daycare and her notes to me each day.  But seriously, I don't need proof anymore.  How do you fix this?  

I enjoy a cold Coors Light lately.  I know, it isn't fancy.  

Whenever our neighbors celebrate a birthday, we tend to get a big plate of yummy cake left overs.  Delivered to our door, in the rain...on a random Wednesday.  Awesome.  

GNO tonight.  Yipee!

When you walk around a school or the world lately, and you see you notice they are all dressed for floods.  All the kids' jeans and pants are too short. As parents it is hard to justify going to buy new pants when shorts should be filling our drawers at any moment.  

All my kids field trips land on Fridays.  The one day Syd has her class...that she asks about every day. 

We have ducks hanging out in our yard lately.  Love spotting them with Sydney. 

I almost cried at Target the other day when they were out of my creamer.  I HATE having to make another trip or stop when I already had to drag two or three kids to one stop they weren't excited about.  

I LOVED this post today.  

When we walked Charley to school he got so far ahead with his neighborhood friends that we didn't even get to say goodbye.  I feel incomplete.  Need to start saying good bye at our house. 

Not letting paranoia get the best of me today.  

There is a Civil War thing going on this weekend at a local historical park.  I am hoping the temps get nicer so we can go wander there.  I think the boys would have a blast seeing the reenactments, muskets going off, and all the other fun stuff.  

My friend Haley stopped in with the cake last night.  She spotted the antlers and loved them.  She said they are totally the in thing right now.  She knows her decorating stuff.  So I am feeling more confident about our front room.  Pictures might appear soon.  

It is Thursday.  We have a library fine and some library book bins to fill around the house.  And maybe we'll spot a garage sale today.  It is spring, right?

Off to change a diaper.
And then we're off.  

Antlers?  bright junior shoes?  regular kids? coffee creamer? library fines? what are you lovin' today?


Anonymous said...

My kids call it circle cheese too. Colby cheese Ina square from the already sliced stuff was no substitute! Jennie

Raina and Andy said...

I love the post so much. I want to comment on every thought, I think the corn nuts thing is sooooo funny. She will be potty trained before you know it and you will be done with diapers. Can you believe it? Funny I also told Eli we weren't getting m new pants bc it's almost shorts weather.
Today I'm lovin.....that I got my run on after a long day with the kids, we were successful in skipping the morning nap and no trip to the er even with all of Hugh Lou's dangerous stunts.

Raina and Andy said...

Ohhh and I made a new easy and yummy recipe tonight. I need to share so you get in the ball with it.rr

Barb said...

Today, so far, I loved meeting a friend for lunch all of a sudden.


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